Inspections, Inspectors, and Common Mistakes

Posted by Jimmy Carroll // March 14, 2018

  There are different types of house inspections available to perform. Avoiding Common Mistakes is one of them! General or residential inspections will observe and give an evaluation of the house elements and systems. The list below may be enhanced, or some of the points may be excluded. Nevertheless, it will give you an idea […]

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What is a 401K Plan & Types of 401K Plans

Posted by Jimmy Carroll // March 7, 2018

In this post we will help you to better understand the differences between a 401k Plan & different types. A 401(k) plans  is a qualified retirement plan that meets the standards set forth in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) for tax-favored status. An employee can contribute part of his wages either pre-tax or post tax depending on […]

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Saving Vs. Investing Money $

Posted by Jimmy Carroll // March 1, 2018

Many new investors don’t seem to grasp that saving money and investing money are two entirely different things. They both have different purposes and play different roles in your financial strategy. Making sure you are clear on the concepts before you begin your journey in the real estate investing world is imperative and can save […]

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How To Work With Motivated Sellers

Posted by Jimmy Carroll // February 26, 2018

With any motivated seller lead the first goal is to get the homeowner to agree to a meeting. The meeting should act as a mini presentation for what you can do and how you plan on doing it without being too over the top.  You never want to hide the fact that you are a real estate […]

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5 Crucial Pieces Of Advice For Real Estate Investors

Posted by Jimmy Carroll // February 15, 2018

As a real estate investor it is easy to get influenced by the those around you. With every networking meeting and investment club you can hear a different way to run your business.  Sometimes the advice is sound and can change the way you do things.  In most cases what works for someone else does […]

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Finding an Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agent

Posted by Jimmy Carroll // February 2, 2018

An imperative member on your team should be a strong, knowledgeable & reliable real estate agent. This can be a vital asset for any Real Estate Investor to have on the team. Unfortunately, finding the right agent to work with isn’t as easy as it should be. The industry is flush with inexperienced agent’s due to […]

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Flipping Mistakes Newbies should try Avoid

Posted by Jimmy Carroll // January 25, 2018

Not every deal you get involved in will be successful. With poor planning and unrealistic numbers you can and sometimes will lose money.  As much as investors don’t want to hear this they need to recognize the possibility.  All it takes is a few small mistakes to turn a profitable looking property on paper to […]

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Tips to Help Get Your Offer and or Counter Offer Accepted

Posted by Jimmy Carroll // January 23, 2018

Tracking properties can be discouraging, especially if you have had your eye on them for a while. At times when trying to get your hands on the properties it happens that sellers are far apart and any offer you submit will be quickly rejected. In situations like this it can be the little things that […]

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How to make and Offer on a House

Posted by Jimmy Carroll // January 12, 2018

Do your research How to make an Offer on a House? Many who are unfamiliar are unsure on how to do so. First thing is to come up with a reasonable price, you need to know about two things: the local market and the seller. You can get information on both from Real Estate resources […]

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Appraisals vs. Inspections

Posted by Jimmy Carroll // January 9, 2018

Did you know that real estate appraisals are required on a property whenever it’s financed – whether you’re buying a new home or refinancing? Many people don’t really know how appraisals fit into the home buying and refinancing processes, so try to follow, and we’ll make sure you understand what appraisals are, who does them and why they’re required. […]

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